Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from Canada

Well we had a good trip home. Spent a lot of time with family, and it was even nice and hot. At times I thought I had not even left Arizona. We really missed that air conditioning.

After all of the festivities in Barnwell we headed up north to Mountain View/Waterton area. We thought it might be a bit cooler, but it actually wasn't that much cooler. I added a few pictures. Theres the family on the four wheeled bike in Waterton. Cooper riding his own horse. He did really well. And on the way home we stopped at Lagoon in Utah.

So all in all the trip was great. We did a lot of driving. We put about 3400 miles on Brittney's van. I had the great opportunity to go to the Cardston clinic. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes in barnwell. Then when we were up in the Waterton area I got bit on my wrist by something. Whatever it was caused my hand to swell up twice it's size. It also started to go up my arm as well. So my loving concerned sister Karen made an appointment at the Cardston clinic. After an evaluation the doctor said I had cellulites. So I got a prescription for antibiotics, and an ointment for the bite. Then on the way home from Utah I broke out in Hives. They say things usually happen in three's, and well that's how it seems to work for me.

But it was still a great vacation. While we were in Utah we were able to go to the Salt Lake Temple and witness one of Brittney's best child hood friends be sealed. So that was fun, and special. It's always good to attend other peoples sealings. You know it's good to hear what the different sealers have to say. Because you never really remember your own sealing.

Anyway it's good to be home, and on one last note it was great to see some of my old friends. I was able to see Larita, and visit with her, and spend some time with Dave Shimbashi which I always enjoy, and look forward to every time I go home. I also saw Heather while I was home a couple of times. Our whole family was invited into the Shimbashi's house for a visit. Cooper and Taylor had fun playing the nintendo Wii, and Kennedy just played with all the toy's while the adults visited.

Well that's enough blogging for now. I hope you are all well.

Take care, Love the Andersons in Arizona

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jumping on the bandwagon.

So I just decided after talking to Larita that I better jump on the bandwagon and write a few blogs once in a while. You know just to keep you all informed as to life in Arizona, and as to whats going on in the Anderson household.

Hopefully I can get this all figured out, and will try to post a few pictures now and then. They will mostly be of the kids unless I feel I can post pictures of myself, and the wife approves of ones of her. So I guess now were off and running. Maybe I can get my brother Dave to start blogging again as well.

I will do my best to just keep you all informed as to the happenings of our life and what's going on with Kennedy, Cooper, Brittney, and Thomas. Thanks for reading. Well blog at ya later. Thomas.