Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's fall time.

Well here we are well into October. I really need to get this blog thing down. Meaning I need to try and find a little more time to write. Of course I think I have said that before, and to be honest I don't see it changing any time soon. So were getting close to Halloween, and the kids are getting excited. Cooper has decided to be Mario from the popular nintendo games. Brittney had a sister from our ward sew him up a costume. It turned out pretty good. Kennedy is going to be a fairy princess. Actually I think it's really suppose to be tinkerbell. Brittney and I are going to an adult Halloween party again this year. We are invited to one that some friends of ours in our ward have every year. So this year we decided to go as Dorothy and the scare crow form the Wizard of Oz. The twist is that I'm going to be Dorothy. So well see how that turns out. I may post some pictures later on a Halloween blog.

So anyway this is just a quick little update. Hope you all are well. Love the Anderson's.