Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Halfway through August

So I realized that today is the 15th already, and I haven't blogged yet this month. So I decided I had better put something down. To tell you the truth there is to much to tell. Of course I'm sure I can think of something. My niece got married this last weekend. My sister Karen's daughter Kristy. Kristy and her husband Justin were sealed in the DC temple. Thats were Justin grew up. There around the capital.

Brittney and I didn't get a chance to make it, but Mom went as well as my brother Kip and his wife Susan. Well and of course Karen and her husband David and her two boy's John, and Brian. Kristy's older sister Jen went also with her husband Luke. So as for my side of the family thats all that was able to make it. From what I heard though it sounds as though we really missed out.

As for here in Arizona well it's just plain hot and humid. We are in the monsoon season right now so every so often in the evenings we will get some rain showers. They last anywhere from 15 minutes to maybe two hours if were lucky to get that much rain. But when they do come there is always a lot of lightning, and thunder. There can also be some really high winds. We will sometimes get what are called micro bursts. These are really strong and fast winds that come straight down, and can actually cause quite a bit of damage. Anyway the monsoon season typically lasts from July to end of September. So at worst three months.

Cooper is going to Pre School again this year. But this year he gets to go for three hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He seems to be really liking it more this year than last, and is doing quite well according to miss Michelle. (his teacher) Kennedy is doing well, and she just loves to play at day care. Brittney is always busy being the Committee Cub Chair. That and she works full time. She really loves her job as a loan processor and does it well. Although with how the housing market is right now she is always nervous she will lose her job. Even though she knows she won't. As for me well my work is the same. Just busy making up Ultra Pure Water so that the Fabs and Labs can keep making chips and wafers.

The only really other news I can think of is Brittney and I went to a concert this last Monday night the 13th. My ears are still ringing. I should have brought some ear plugs. We went and saw a great Canadian band called Nickelback. Before they came out they had Puddle Of Mudd, and Daughtry. You now the guy from American Idol. Everyone was really good.

Well this short blog has turned into a long blog. The only other thing I wanted to mention is that we have got our Fantasy Football league set up, and we will be conducting the draft this Sunday night. So no calls please from 9:15 pm eastern to about 11:00 pm eastern. Looking forward to another football season. As for now Brittney and I are planning to try and go to another Green Bay Packer Football game again this season. If we make it, that will be five seasons in a row that we have been able to see the Packers play a game. So with all that said I will sign off for now, and blog at you all later. Take care. with love from the Anderson's in Arizona.