Sunday, December 30, 2007

To the end of 2007.

So I will do my best to make this a short blog. I thought I should try and get one more blog in before the end of December let alone 2007. So here it is.

I'm not going to do a big sum up of the year. Although it was a good year. We survived, and made out just fine with lots of new things. The kids are healthy, and we are all alive. Best yet we just celebrated the birth of Christ, which is most important. He is the center of our lives, and we try to do our best to always remember that.

We had the honor of having Mom, and Dad, Karen, and David, and Kip and Susan all down here in Arizona for Christmas. As you may or may not know my other brother Dave, and his wife JoLynn also live here, so we were all together. It was quite special as I don't know if Dad will want to make the trip again. Anyway we are going to leave this afternoon for California. We are going over to go to the Rose bowl parade, and to see some of Susan's family as well. It also looks we will make it to Disneyland once again.

I know we just went, but we are looking forward to going with my sister Karen, and her husband David who has never been to Disneyland. So all in all we the Anderson's in Arizona wish you all a Happy New 2008.

We will be blogging at you all again in the new year. (2008) Love the Anderson's.

And for those so called friends of mine that went to Utah for the holiday's, and never got back to me after I invited you down to Arizona. The offer still stands any time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The kids first trip to Disneyland. (2007)

So we made it back from Disneyland. The happiest place on earth. You know I was thinking about that phrase on the way over to California, and I thought to myself I wonder how happy it will really be with the kids. But to be honest they were actually really good. Especially considering it rained almost all of our second day there.

Our first day was Thursday the 29Th of November. It was actually the perfect day. Sunny, no wind, and warm. About 75 'C. The bad part was I forgot to plug the digital camera in the night before, so we didn't get any pictures on Thursday. On Friday the 30Th of November it rained almost all day. We had the camera, but the pictures didn't turn out as great. Oh well at least we got some.

Brittney's parents Dan, and April flew out to spend some time with us, and to help with the kids so that we could all experience the rides we wanted to. Thanks for coming Mom, and Dad. It was way better to have you there. Plus I think they really enjoyed being there. Brittney's mom April went on everything. She just loves the rides. As for Brittney's dad, he likes some, but not all. Well just leave it at that. Cooper absolutely loved it at Disneyland. He went on every ride at Disneyland except for Indiana Jones. And that's only because he wasn't tall enough. As for the California adventure park he went on all the rides there that he could as well. I was quite impressed that he did so well. Although his first time on Space Mountain did shake up his nerves a little bit. When it was over he had just a couple of tears, but after about an hour of going on other rides he was ready for another trip on Space Mountain. He even went on the Hollywood Tower of Terror over at California Adventure park. If any of you are familiar with that ride you know that's pretty good for a four year old. He liked it so much we went on it again.

As for Kennedy, she loved the rides as well. Of course she couldn't go on much, but we soon found out that her favorite ride was the Pirates of the Caribbean. We had to go on that ride a few times, and after every time she wouldn't stop singing the song. Yo ho ho ho a pirates life for me. But with a two year old voice and pronunciation.

For the Adults we just took turns watching Kennedy, and getting fast passes so that the Adult that missed out could go on the ride right away. All in all it was a great trip. Thursday was awesome, and Friday was great, except for the rain. In hind site if we knew it was going to rain all day, and that hard we would have skipped Friday and gone on Saturday. It wasn't busy at the park at all. The longest line we waited in was the Nemo submarine voyage. That took about 40 minutes. Other than that I bet we only waited for maybe 20 minutes on some rides. Most of the time it was maybe 5 to 10 minutes. So just remember that the end of November, and the very beginning of December is a great time to visit Disneyland.

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Note that they were all taken on the wet chilly Friday that it rained. Well at least the pictures inside Disneyland were taken on Friday.

So here we are in Toon Town with Mickey Mouse. It was actually more like Ghost Town with the rain, and the fact that we had passes to get into Toon Town an hour before the general public. You can see in the picture that the camera was wet, and it made Mickey's colors run. Oh well.

Here we have Brittney, Cooper, and Kennedy hanging out with Goofy.

Here's Kennedy is all wrapped up so she wouldn't get cold. As you can see the cold didn't dampen her spirits. Or the rain for that matter.

This was taken on Saturday at Newport Beach. It took some convincing, but we finally got Cooper to get somewhat close to the really tame Pelican.

Grandpa, and Grandma Nelson with Cooper, and Kennedy out on the pier. There were a lot of nice waves that day. Although it was pretty chilly out there on the pier in the wind.

And lastly we have the two kids hanging with R2-D2 made out of Lego. Cooper just loves all of the Star Wars movies, and was amazed at how big R2-D2 was.

Well that was our trip in a nutshell. I know this was a long blog. But on the other hand you can't say I didn't take some time and put a little effort into writing it up, and adding a few pictures. Maybe over time I will get a little better at it, and it won't take me so long to figure out how I want it to look every time. Whatever as long as I get a blog posted every once and a while right?

We sure had fun, and I'm sure the kids will be wanting to do it again next year. If any of you are planning on going at any time let us know. Were only a six hour drive a way, and if you want some company we can always try to fit it in our schedule. That is if you want us tagging along.

Take care all and I hope to blog at you all again soon. Probably after Christmas though. Just being honest. It is a busy time of year right now, and so well see when I get my next blog up.

Love the Anderson's