Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3

Long anticipated Halo 3 is out. It came out today the 25th of September, 2007. For those of you who maybe don't know what I'm talking about, it's a video game that you play on Microsoft's X-Box 360. It is the final game in a trilogy of Halo games. Hence the 3. Anyway I know for probably almost everybody that reads this blog you could care less, but as for me I was pretty excited. So excited I stayed up last night, and left the house at 11:45pm to go to walmart. At walmart I got in line of about thirty people, and at midnight they started selling the game.

After getting my copy, I grabbed a couple of grocery's, and then proceeded home to play for about an hour. I didn't get to bed until 1:30am. Not to bad, since in my younger years I probably would have stayed up until about four or five am, and would have only given myself one or two hours of sleep. I didn't do to bad getting up. I think I only hit the snooze button about four times. Of course if you talk to Brittney, she'll tell you it was more than that. I even made it to work on time. With about two minutes to spare.

So anyway enough about me and my video games. The kids are doing great. Kennedy is just growing up, and her hair is starting to really fill out, and get longer. She has such fine hair, but as she gets older and older I'm sure it will continue to look better and better. As for Cooper, he is also just growing up. We signed him up for soccer, and he starts in a couple of weeks. This Saturday he has his first meet and greet I guess you could call it where the kids will get divided up into teams, and get there little t-shirt jersey's. I will post some pictures in a later blog. Brittney is just busy as ever with the cub scouts. She is gone to a lot of pack meetings, and leadership meetings.

Other than that I can't think of to much else to report on. You know just the normal stuff. Work, and church, and bills. Hope you all are doing great, and your all welcome to leave us comments on any particular blog. Not just Larita, and Erin, although I'm glad they always leave something. That way I know the blog is being read.

Take care all, and well blog at you again soon. Love, The Anderson's.


The Hallidays said...

Halo 3, huh? Your right, I have no idea what that is...most video games are a guy thing for sure. We actually did get the girls a Playstation last Christmas. We're getting good at Karaoke Revolution and Dance Revolution. Woohoo!

Sweetarita said...

O.k., so what if Erin and I are the only ones who leave messages!! We are cool (Right?!!) So about Halo 3 - You must be about the coolest guy on the planet, if my boys were to vote! and I guess I have no hope of my boys ever growing out of their game addiction. Just don't forget that you have a wifey who needs some attention once in a while (I know you have no problems with that!!)Have fun indulging for a whileand don't try to beat the game all in one sitting- you might have a siezure!