Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Late Birthday Cooper.

So happy late Birthday to Cooper. He is now five years old believe it or not. So first of all for those of you who don't know Cooper turned five on April 11th. I know I'm way late on the post for this blog. But in my defense we knew we were going to go to Disneyland, and so I knew I would have some pictures to post. Thats why I waited.

On Coopers actual birthday, Brittney and I ditched him so that we could go see Bon Jovi in concert here in Phoenix. Actually Brittney's work had a suite, and is was a work function for Brittney so we had to go, but didn't feel to bad about it. My brother Dave came over with his two boys, and they just played all night with Cooper and Kennedy. Thanks Dave again for helping out. So anyway we left that weekend and went over to California to hit the two parks for a couple of days. How funny was it that on our first day there it was just over 100 degrees. The next day was only about 95 degrees. You would think that living in Arizona it would be no big deal, but let me tell you that so far this year we have only had maybe three or four days just over 90 degrees. So it was quite hot for the two days we were there. The day we left to come home the high was suppose to be in the low 70's. But whatever we had fun, and the kids had fun as you can see from the pictures.

Theres Kennedy with Pluto, and Minnie Mouse.

Heres Cooper with Mr Toad. I think I heard someone say that this is grandpa Nelsons favorite Disney movie, and one of his favorite rides. Cooper is trying his best to pull the sword from the stone. Below was Coopers favorite part. We went to the Jedi Academy, and there was a small malfunction. They didn't explain, but instead the characters came out for pictures. So in a way it was even better. Of course what would have helped is if dad had turned on the flash.

Cooper got to have his picture with the Evil Darth Vader and a couple of Storm Troopers. Then he got to stand with the Jedi Knights. There was actually one more picture of Cooper with Darth Maul, but it didn't turn out. Darth Maul if you remember has a black head with horns, and dark red streaks on his face. So without the flash, it didn't turn out. Cooper got to have breakfast in the park for part of his birthday. So we thought we would show you the Mickey Mouse pancakes. The last picture is of Cooper on Friday the 18th of April. One week after his actual birthday. Thats when we had his birthday party at the park. The boy to Coopers left is his best friend, and cousin Reece.

So anyway the blog was a long time coming, and I'm sorry it took so long. But none the less we are all doing great. For an update, Cooper is still in PreSchool, and loving it. He's also still playing soccer. Kennedy is just loving life. That is when she's happy. Which is most of the time. She is still two. Terrible two's. In June she will already be three years old. Brittney is still as busy as ever with the Boy Scouts, and her work as a loan processor/officer. As for me. Things don't seem to change to much. Work is about the same, and as a family were doing great.

Next month we will be heading up to Utah for a wedding, and to see family. Brittney's family all live there, and my parents, and sister will be coming up to Utah as well for the wedding. It's still possible that my oldest brother and his family might make it up as well. Last year we were in Utah for the Salt Lake City marathon, and 1/2 marathon. This year we opted out. With Brittney having surgery on both of her feet, and I'm just plain out of shape, we bagged it for this year. Brittney is trying to talk me into doing the P.F. Change Phoenix 1/2 marathon in January of 2009. Maybe, well see.

Anyway I've made this blog long enough, and probably lost most of you half way through. We hope you are all doing well in your own lives, and think of you all and pray for you all that you can all be blessed in all of your endeavors.

Take care, Love the Anderson's.


Sweetarita said...

Can I just say I want to be in your family ;) or maybe I just want to live where you live so I can go to Disneyland all the time! Very cool. I loved Coopers pancakes! I will have to try that. Glad you had a great time. Aren't kids Birthdays the best!

The Hallidays said...

Fun times! Your kids are so cute and it looks like they had a great trip. You've got to love Disney!We were having a Disney experience that same week, just on the other side of the country!
Larita, if your going to make pancakes - I'll bring Amy. She still talks about how good your pancakes are. She obviously loved them.

Sweetarita said...

Why doesn't everyone come to my house for some pancakes!! I'd love it. We could have a minny reunion -snow included! Come on, I know You all want to come.

The Andersons said...

I would love to come, but I just don't have the time right now. I will be in Utah over memorial day weekend. Why don't you all come to the Salt Lake area. I'm sure Brittney's parents would let us make pancakes at there house. Let me know if your coming. Later Thomas.

Cindy Wright said...

Thomas...HA! Found you! It's so nice to see your family and what you guys are up to! WHY is everyone I know going to Disneyland this year? Well, hopefully we're on our way next year. It was nice to see you last summer, wish we could have chatted for awhile! It was kind crazy at that hot little reunion...
Take care
(cuz) Cindy