Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ok I know it's about time, but after looking at the pictures I'm not sure I want to even put them up on the blog. But I guess since I talked about it, I don't really have a choice. That is unless I want to read complaints in the comments section.

So lets start with the kids. Here are Cooper and Kennedy. As you can see, and if your familiar at all with Nintendo, Cooper is Mario. Kennedy got dressed up as Tinker Bell.

This picture is of Kennedy, and Devin. She is our faithful baby sitter. The kids just love her, and are always happy to have her come over and play. As it turned out they both dressed up the same.

So this is Brittney as the Wicked witch. I know the original plan was for her to be the scare crow, but that just didn't work out with the allotment of costumes we had on hand to get. So after a long discussion about being the Lion or the Tin man which none of those ideas really appealed, Brittney decided that the witch would be better.

And as for me I decided to actually go through with being Dorothy even after getting the plus size Dorothy costume. It was pretty tight. As I put my arms though the arm sleeves they pretty much ripped out at the seams. But all in all it was fun even if I did make Dorothy look as though she was pregnant.

And finally here is both the Witch and Dorothy side by side as friends.

Over all it was a fun Halloween. The adults had fun at the adult party, and the kids had fun going around the neighborhood. I think the best part was when Cooper decided he was done and wanted to head back home after only ten or so houses. But being the good Dad I am I had the kids go to a few more houses. They didn't hardly have enough candy. So after a few more houses, and a few more pleas to go home we made it a night after being out for maybe 45 minutes if that. I hope you all had a great Halloween, and for you Canadians a great Thanks Giving. For the Americans I hope your Thanks Giving next week is great. May you all eat enough Turkey to make you want to have a long nap. Take care until we blog at you all again. Love the Anderson's.


The Hallidays said...

That is awesome! You look great in a dress - who knew? Your kids are real cuties and it looks like you had fun. Halloween is great - we still have candy. I wish it was gone though, because I keep eating it!

Watermelanie said...

SOOOOOOOO glad to see those pictures. You are an adorable Dorothy!

Sweetarita said...

Now those are some SWEEEEET looking pictures!!! Definately worth the wait. You make a fantastic Dorothy, and I love it even better that you rippped out the sleves with your Hulky arms. Your children were absalutely adorable and I must say you have a hot looking witch for a wife!! As for the candy- Just wait till their are about 9 and you will be wanting to drag them back home because they have too much that it will last till the next Halloween!!

Karen said...

Hey Thomas...the sister I always wanted! You both loked great!