Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veterans Day.

Ok so I know it's been a long time. Actually I think thats how I'm going to start out all of my blogs from now on. We have just been busy. I promise. After Halloween there has actually been a lot going on. Brittney is busy with her work, kids, and church calling. Thomas has been busy with work, and Hunting. I had to work last weekend after actually taking Friday the 2nd of November off of work to go hunting for Deer. After working the weekend, (Saturday and Sunday)and helping with the kids, and Coopers soccer practices Thomas took Thursday and Friday off from work to continue Hunting.

Thomas went Hunting the last Four days. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But only after going to Sacrament meeting first. I wasn't going to go today, but today was the last day, and I hadn't really seen much all week. Deer that is. Nothing today as well. So in short I know I need to get the Halloween pictures up. I will do my best to get them downloaded this week, and a new post up talking a little bit about Halloween and some upcoming events.

Other than that I hope you all had a great Veterans day, and remember to support the Veterans, and the current troops. Again take care, and well blog at you all later. Love the Anderson's.

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Sweetarita said...

I have been dying to see Dorothy!!! Get some pictures up would ya!! and by the way when did you become a hunter. I know boys love their guns but realy?? I guess the BB guns from our youth just don't cut it any more eh! I have a friend who has a ranch in Wyoming that has everything to hunt for if you ever want to take a trip!!