Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

So another month has gone by. I'm at work, and have some down time since my two co-workers are gone for today. One has the whole week off for Spring Break, and the other is at a Funeral. So I thought I would take the opportunity to write something new.

Since I last wrote, not a lot has changed to be honest. The only real updates are Cooper has started a new season of soccer. Spring season. Kennedy is still just as cute as ever. And I know I need to get some more pictures up so that everyone can see how much there changing from day to day. As for Brittney, well she had the second surgery of two on her left foot this time. Brittney was diagnosed with Planter Faciaites. I'm sure I didn't spell that correctly, but I'm not going to take the time to look it up. Basically both of the tendons on the bottom of her feet are tight, and overlapping some. So the Dr. makes two little incisions on each side of her heals, and goes in to loosen up the tendons. Anyway her right foot is done, and pretty much healed so the Dr. went ahead and worked on the left foot. The left foot was in worse shape, so it's taking longer to heal, and she feels worse. But she's a trooper, and just getting through it. Being the mom, and having two kids, they still want her to do everything. She's been pretty good to take care of them, and appease them as much as possible. For some reason dad can't do the same things mom can. So unfortunately for her she has to still cater to them somewhat.

This last week Brittney's brother Ethan and his wife Heather came out to visit us. It was great to see them. Ethan just graduated from Penn State with a law degree. He took the bar in Utah a couple of weeks ago, and came to Arizona to see if there were any available jobs here. We would love for him to find a job here, and then take the bar in Arizona as well. If we can get him to move here, that would take a lot of pressure off of me from all of my in-laws trying to make me feel guilty for taking Brittney out of Utah. Although it was her choice, and I think she likes it here. Well sometimes.

As for me, there really isn't anything new. I did get to go golfing twice last week since Ethan was in town so that was good. I don't get to go as much now that my dad doesn't make it down. That, and he just doesn't have the strength anyway. Brittney's mom is going to come down this week, and be here for Easter Sunday. So were looking forward to that.

Other than that, I just wanted to say Happy St. Patrick's Day, and give a shout out to Erin on her Birthday. I don't call all you guys, and girls that I grew up with anymore, so I thought that this would work ok. Since I know Erin and Larita always read our blog, and are always good to leave a comment.

Anyway I hope you all are doing well, and that life is treating you good.

Take care,

Love the Anderson's.


Sweetarita said...

I AM really glad that you do have a blog, even if you only write once a month!! I love to hear about the little stuff and still feel conected to people evin if we are so far away! Tell Brit I hope she is doing better with her feet. I was diagnosed with it as well but not as bad as what Brit's must be. Have a great Easter!

The Andersons said...

I will tell Brittney you said hi, and of your concern. She's doing better as far as the feet, but is now sick with a bacterial infection in her lungs, and nose. So she's pretty much layed up. Later Thomas.

The Hallidays said...

Thanks for the "happy birthday"! It was a good one, even though I'm getting old, old, old!
I'm sorry to hear about Brittney's surgery - that's never fun. Hopefully, she's getting around OK. Have a great Easter!

Cindy Wright said...

Hey Thomas...could you email me sometime? I too, have plantar faciitis, and am interested in her surgery. It is the WORST thing, I really think. I've had a little sucess with massage therapy and cortisone shots...but I worry for the future.